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I didnt alwis look like dis but whin I wuz a youngin I wuz totally innosent like. Heres my pic from chaldhud and their you go!


Thin whin I went to prisin I becum nazi like cuz it felt gud. I even got them kewl tattoos. See wat I mean? There u go! Prisin also gimme the dellusion of been a cop - them folk are so kewl with uniforms. I also say ima doctor n pilot an folk here believe me an there you go!

Dis is my home page. I live in a Treller park in florida in a trailer with my mom and my family. My mom doesn't work and I don ether so i be on chat all da time. Me an my family, we connect to the innernet with stollen wifi  from the nebbers. 

Thanks to the girl what sent me the new program cuz I live at home in a trailer and I dont have all them fancy programs. I fixed the spellin wit it but it dont no all the rite words. and thanks for the pictures to. Their real nice!

I got me a reel nice computer from the man at the PC Trailer. He sez its a pentium2 and its the best kind you can by. i like it a hole lot. I saved all grandmas empty Shiner Beer bottles and used them to by it with.


Dis is a pickture of the bathroom in the PC Trailer its a reel mess. its even messier than our trailers bathroom. It smells like theirs something dead in their. The bible ladies boyfriend is supposed to clean it but he don't do a reel good job.  


This is my girlfriend, shes my little hotties, and shes got the same grandma as me.  She sleeps wit meny men but I don care.


This is my grandma, she lives in the Treller with my family. she smells funny, but i can say that here as she cant read good. she drinks beer and smokes to. Sumtimes daniel puts her cigarets in his ears and then puts them back in the pack.


This is my brother daniel (who sux at html) he has been to the city once and is a home boy, I dont git it, he says heaps of YO and CRIB.. and he calls me a goat roper.. but I wail into him and he stops.  Lately hez obsessed with nazi stuff an calls heself Adolf. Second pic show wat he look like today. Ok? 


Dis is my cousin Immense-Tie, he's wuz in jail for shooting up a phone booth.. he's just plum crazy, I got me a gun to but I don't shoot nothing but what I'm sposed to like I only shoot stuff if I'm gonna eat it like a rabbit or a duck or something like that. One time Immense-Tie shot a squirrel and cooked it. it tasted pretty nasty but he was hungry so he ate it all. Tru story. There you go.



Dis my house, its really good, when it has tires me and Adolf (who sux at html) move it round the park whin mom is passed out drunk, it really musses her up and is worth a laugh, but she beats the tar outa us some times. Tru story.


I think this is my pop, he don't live with us anymore cuz he can't be around small animals or electric kitchen stuff. His name is Dale Norton but ever1 call him Roofus.


This is my pops truck, he left it here, I have not met him but I am keeping his truck, just incase he comes back and need to drive some place.


My frind Bimmie just bought this motorhome an he only has to pay for 10 more years til its payed four and he takes me for rides in it to. Its got a television an a stove and a bathroom wear the poo goes right out the bottom onto the rode. hehehe.. Dont follow to close!  See wat I mean?


Dis here is Vinnie. His alwis talking bout uppity edumacated crap but we all knows he is full of shit. I mean da man lie bout everthing. Don believe a word he sez. Hes a damn dum injun afterawl. Therr you go! If'in I dint no that he lie I might wouda been jealous of him.



Heres nother uppity guy who makes fun of we normal folk. His name is Eutopean. Vinnie sez its spelled Utopian but I tol you Vinnie lies. I suspict Vinnie aint his reel name either. Dis Eutopean guy is alwis pushing buttons an gitting us triggard. Vinnie says its spelled triggered but there you go!


Nothha uppity guy is His Lordship. Tizzy tol me during sex that she think of him in bed and hes related to lord mccauley or sum famous dude. Dis guy is useless cuz he don fight. Tru story.


Nough bout them uppity folk. They don live in da trellors and jist cume hear to cauze truble. There u go. Lets git back to our starz in Genek's Park.

This is Genek. He made his trailer his self and he wants to show it too me but i think hes creepy like and i wont go in it. IT has a upstairs an a downstairs witch looks reel cewl. Sum womin show him da left leg some times when them wants sum candy or sweets and he gives sum. No bullshit. Ther you go! Ok? He sez hes got a veggie garden wit carrots and rabbits. Da veggies feed them rabbits and da rabbit poo feed the veggies. Genek eat them both, Stainable or sumthing them city folk call it hehehe.


This man's  name is Vladimir but they call him Vlad. Him and Genek are reel close like cause them bot speak russhan. He raises gerbils and sells them to men that come here frum the city just to buy them. i dont no what they does with them but they always had a special one they named putin and one time there was a big exploshun  that come from Vladz trellor and then Vlad went to the hospitul. i dont see putin no more. Tru story.


This is my cousin A Witch. she lost all her teeth cus she sucked on a beater after she made a cake and that crazy Immense-Tie turned it on. Its funny to watch her eat candy like barley pops, we has to put plastic wrap on her to stop the spit gettin on her clothes. 


Oh yeah, This is my mom, she had her 15th kid, we sold the kid. she only keeps the ones with all 12 fingers. shes all dressed up in clothes she stole from Gavins moms laundry line. Hehehe... Tru story.


This is my unkle Steve he ketches funny like a girl. mama sezs its cuz he has 12 fingers like me but i can ketch reel good so i dont think thats why.  


Swim Coach I keep finding him neekid, this is my photos of him.. hes got clothes on now.  hes usually sleeping on my mom, cuz shes real comfortable like, well.. thats what Adolf (who sux at html) says. No1 unnerstand Swim Coach. I guiss mama not care bout his tawk.


Dis is a nother nekkid man I found in my moms room. I have started collecting photos of them. I like the internet and i like my trailer park cuz its fun and a lot of stuff happens hear.


Dis guyz calld Crafterman but ever1 call him crapper hehehe. Hes alwis yellin an stuff you no wat I mean? There you go!


An then thers Tizzy. Shes such a biatch an alwis angry an yeling so it gits hot pretty fast like. Ok? Ok? Their you go! No won like Tizzy excipt me. Tru story. Ok? Shes alwis triggard. She be makin new polls n surveys n stuff and don realise its damn boring. Ok?


This here is Lara. We usta think she wuz a woman but Immense-Tie peeked insadd her trellor an saw her nekkid, Immense swears he saw a schlong hehehe. Mightty strange I tell ya. Nuff said. Ok?


I got me a real live programer and he works for samwitches and beer! Tizzy found him and brung him home. Hes Tizzys best frend. She helps a lot of people like that but theys all mens. Adolf alreddy fed him cat food and carrots an he sed that it wuz good.  


So many folk, so lil time. Watch dis space for Page 2 of folk.

We be adding audio clips n actual conversashuns from Geneks trellor park. If ya'll has funny texts, send it to me anonnymusly and confidenshully. Me sources are alwis protected ya hear?


Now, if ya didn see yer name in hear, don ya'll git dispointed. Yer turn will come I promise. There you go, ok?


If you wanna send me an email, send it to


(pic above shows houses in da park that was burnt cuz Adolf wuz playing wit them matches.)

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